Facility Rules

  1. All patrons must enter through the main front entrance and check-in.
  2. Non-members must purchase a day pass to use any part of the facility.
  3. Children in Kindergarten and under must be supervised at all times.
  4. Children in Grades 1st - 6th must have a parent or responsible guardian (who is out of high school) in the building at all times.
  5. Members must be in the 7th grade or older to lift weights, use cardio or weight machines, or be on the track without adult supervision.
  6. Clean athletic shoes and proper workout attire must be worn.
  7. Always wipe down and replace equipment after use.
  8. Be courteous to others and refrain from using profanity.
  9. One shower towel and one sweat towel will be provided per member at check-in. Please place used towels in the laundry receptacles as you exit.
  10. Please adhere to all other rules as posted throughout the facility.

The lobby area of a fitness facility with seating