Road Races

The Prairie Lakes Wellness Center hosts a number of events to help you stay motivated throughout the year.

  1. May Day Run
  2. Hy-Vee Mini Triathlon
  3. Run Around the Lake
  4. Chase race
  5. F.O.P. Kid's Triathlon
  6. Halloween Hustle

Prairie Lakes Wellness Center’s May Day Run is still a go……… just in a different way!

I have been organizing the Watertown Comm. Rec. Center / Prairie Lakes Wellness Center’s May Day Run since 2001. This has never been a huge event, but I kept it going for one main reason……. You had to be tough to run the May Day Run, and I respected that! So if people wanted to run, we were going to be there! We have ran this race in rain, snow, sleet, wind (lots of wind) and now we are going to add a global pandemic to the list……..because we are tough!

Rules are simple:

  • On May 2nd or May 3rd, go out and give me your best 3.1 miles. You can choose whatever 3.1 mile course you wish.
  • Make sure you time yourself. There are a lot of free apps out there to help you. My app of choice is “Map My Fitness” , but time yourself however you would like.
  • E mail your name, age and 5k time to by Monday, May 4th. If you would prefer NOT to have your results posted, just let me know.
  • I will post results by Tuesday May 5th.

So I invite you to keep the May Day Run tradition going…….. Rain or Shine or Pandemic!

Who: Anyone who wants to participate

What: Prairie Lakes Wellness Center’s May Day 5K

When: Saturday, May 2nd or Sunday, May 3rd

Where: Any 5k route you wish

How much: $0.00

  • Please remember to be safe and practice social distancing!

Good Luck and the PLWC hopes to see all of you soon!

Dave Greenman

Fitness / Program Coordinator

Prairie Lakes Wellness Center

Congrats to all the runners!  Click here to view the results

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